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Haaiendrankjes voor Dutch Caribbean Shark Week

Eind augustus wordt er voor de eerste keer op alle eilanden en in Nederland een ´Dutch Caribbean Shark Week´ georganiseerd. Haaien zijn van groot belang voor een gezonde onderwaterwereld en ze zijn heel populair bij duiktoeristen, zodat ze ook nog eens in letterlijke zin waardevol zijn.

Om alvast een beetje in de stemming te komen en met dank aan de mensen die de ´Dutch Caribbean Shark Week´ nu voorbereiden, hier alvast een voorproefje…

Blue Shark

You know you’re beautiful

10cc of Triple sec (orange liqueur)
5cc of Blue Curacao
5cc of lime juice
25cc of champagne

Place the ice cold champagne in a chilled champagne flute. Add the other ingredients to a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes. Shake and then pour the mixture through a strainer into the champagne. Stir and serve.
If you want to you can replace the champagne for soda water which gives it a fresh flavour

Lemon Shark

It’s not big but be careful of that bite

10cc of Vodka
5cc of Apricot Brandy
10cc of lemon juice
Strip of lemon peel

Put all liquid ingredients together in a shaker with some ice cubes. Shake and then pour the mixture through a strainer into chilled martini glass. Add the lemon peel and serve.
To balance the acidity you can add a dash of sugar syrup.

Bull Shark

Can be lethal when approached unaware

10cc vodka
10cc rum
10cc gin
10cc tequila
10cc triple sec
Squeeze of lemon
Can of Red Bull

Add all the liquor to a shaker and mix. Poor into a longdrink glass, add a squeeze of lemon and some ice cubes, fill with Red Bull.

Shark Bite

Seldom lethal but not to be taken lightly

1 shot of slivovitch (plum brandy, home brewed if you can find it)

Put some shot glasses in the freezer until they’re properly chilled. Fill with slivovitch, that’s it.

White Shark

It looks quiet but then there’s a drop of blood in the water

10cc of white Tequila
10cc of Vodka

Stir Tequila and Vodka in a tumbler glass with some ice cubes. Just before serving add a few drops of Tabasco to the glass.

Devil Ray

25cc of tomato juice
25cc of tequila
Wedge of lime

Fill one shot glass with tomato juice and one with tequila. Add a decent amount of Tabasco to the tomato juice and a small wedge of lime to the tequila. You drink this by taking alternate sips of tomato juice and tequila.

Angel Shark

Elegant and Ethereal

½ a lemon grass stalk, hard outside removed (finely chopped)
Some fresh mint (chopped)
1 tablespoon of lime juice
2 teaspoons of sugar syrup
10cc apple juice
25cc soda water

Mix lemongrass, mint, lime juice and sugar syrup in a glass, stir vigorously but don’t muddle as it can bring out the bitterness of the mint. Pour over a sieve into a longdrink glass filled for a third with ice cubes. Add apple juice and soda water and stir.

Great Hammerhead Shark

75cc gin
Squeeze of lime juice
a small splash of dry vermouth
2 green olives

Pour gin, lime juice and vermouth in to a mixing glass; add some ice cubes and stir, strain and poor in to a martini glass. Stick one olive to each end of a cocktail stick and drop in the glass.

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Comité Koninkrijksrelaties

Comité Koninkrijksrelaties

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