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Grootste werf in de Cariben: Damen Shiprepair

Vraag een willekeurige voorbijganger waar de grootste scheepswerf in de Cariben zich bevindt en de kans is klein dat men Curaçao noemt. En toch is het zo! Op de website van Damen zegt men er zelf het volgende over.

Since November 2018, Damen Shiprepair Curaçao with its two additional floating docks, became the largest yard of the Caribbean.

Damen Shiprepair Curaçao is strategically located in the Caribbean, en route to the Panama Canal, and outside the Hurricane Belt. The yard offers excellent working conditions within a natural bay. On 1 February 2017, Damen Shiprepair & Conversion took over the management of the Curaçao Drydock Company, established in 1959.

Under the name of Damen Shiprepair Curaçao will continue offering a full range of services in maintenance, repair, refit and conversion of vessels and offshore constructions of all sizes.

We can accommodate vessels up to 280 meters in length. Besides our proximity to major shipping routes, we consider our application of international standards and membership of the Damen Shipyards Group as our yard’s key advantages. This, together with more than 50 years of experience, means we can offer you high-quality service and workmanship.

bron: Damen Shiprepair Curaçao

Boeiend op dezelfde site is ook de aandacht voor de geschiedenis:

Following their broad and successful co-operation before the Second World War, the Curaçao-based companies Pletterij Enthoven and Bouwmaatschappij Nederhorst decided to merge into Combinatie Pletterij Nederhorst (CPN). In 1944, C.P.N. moved to Parera. In addition to ship repair and maintenance, much work was contracted from the Curaçaose Petroleum Industrie Maatschappij (CPIM), which later became part of Shell. In April 1947, C.P.N. obtained a 3,500 tonne floating dock called the Koningin Wilhelmina Dok.

The co-operation with Shell evolved so well, that Shell transferred the Beatrix Dok (B-Dok) to C.P.N., in order to repair larger ships. The Beatrix Dok has a capacity of 28,000 tonnes. Shell later decided to divest its ship repair activities altogether, which led to the establishment of the N.V. Curaçaose Dok Maatschappij (C.D.M.) on 1 January 1959.

After operations had initially continued at both locations, the C.D.M. would be located entirely at Koningsplein from 1963 onwards. A communication road was built, running from the Rijkseenheid Boulevard. As the company progressed so well, plans were developed for a new 120,000-tonne dock.

This new Antilia Dok (A-Dok) was officially opened on 8 April 1972, marking one of the most important moments in Curaçao’s ship repair history. It laid the important foundation for the further growth of C.D.M. and of the economy of Curaçao itself.

On 16 July 1976, another significant step in the growth of C.D.M. took place with the inauguration of the E.E.G. quay wall. The wall has a length of 500 metres and was financed by the EEC (later EU). On 31 August 1987, the Curaçao Dok (C-Dok), a 10,000-tonne floating dock, entered service. After 24 years it has now been taken out of service.

bron: Damen Shiprepair Curaçao

On 9 September 2016, C.D.M. and Damen Shipyards Group signed a concession agreement for the future operation of the Curaçao Drydock Company. Since February 2017, the shipyard has continued operations under the new name Damen Shiprepair Curaçao. To the shipyard’s staff it will, however, almost certainly remain ‘the Dock’.

On 1 February 2017, Damen Shiprepair & Conversion took over the management of the Curaçao Drydock Company, continuing a wide range of quality repair and conversion works, covering all vessel types for shipping companies all over the globe. On November 2, 2018 we commissioned our largest floating C-Dock , a Panamax dock and on November 22, 2018 our D-dock has been commissioned. On December 7, 2018, the two additional floating dock has been inaugurated.

En het complex is beduidend groter dan velen op het eerste gezicht denken:

The yard is situated in a natural lagoon and is sheltered against strong wind and swell. The graving dock Antillia, one of the largest docks in the Caribbean, can accommodate vessels up to 270 x 44 metres, has a draught of 7.8 metres at the entrance, 5.5 metres at dock-head and a capacity of 150,000 tonnes.

The second graving dock, Beatrix, has a capacity of 28,000 tonnes and can accommodate vessels up to 170 x 23 metres, with a draught of 6.3 metres (even keel). In November 2018 Damen commissioned two additional floating docks to the current facilities in order to increase capacity. The floating dock named Curaçao measures 230 x 36.1 metres for tankers, box ships and other large vessels.

The second floating dock named Damen, measures 100 x 15.8 metres and is ideal for all kinds of tugs, workboats and offshore support and anchor handling vessels. The yard also offers three mooring and repair quays with a total length of 1,000 metres and ample crane capacity.

Damen Shiprepair Curacao

Het moge duidelijk zijn dat de aanwezigheid van Damen niet los kan worden gezien van de hechte banden tussen Curaçao en Nederland. Damen geeft aldus het goede voorbeeld en hopelijk volgen er nog vele andere ondernemers: win-win!

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